How to Increase Web Site Traffic

It is tough to spend money and efforts for website design and discover that the competition for your key words is too strong to let you appear on the first page of Google.
There are ways to boost the amount of free traffic to your website. Below is the list of things that will make visitors to come to your site.

1.Optimize your website. This is to make it attractive to the search-engine robots. Use descriptive keywords and well saturated posts.

2.Submit your link to Google and Yahoo and all other possible search engines and directories. Your page rank will go up when your website name is posted in many places all over the web.

3.Contact webmasters with pages for links exchange - you paste their link to your page; in return they link their page to your URL.

4.Post in forums. Comment on blogs. Comment here. Participate in Question/Answers communities. Do whatever it takes to stay active on-line at least few hours per week.

5.Be on places where your target market audience visits. Try to be as elegant as possible and avoid spam by only providing informative well elaborated posts.
Visit blogs dedicated on related topics and add comment to their posts with link to your site at the appropriate place. This will guarantee you at least the visit form the blog moderator. If you comment on blog with high authority your blog will soon be picked up and featured in Digg

6.Write and submit articles on your topics with embedded self-reviews of your site/ product/expert's name. Don’t get scared – article is just a longer post. It is just a well elaborated answer to question in your area of expertise.
The main advantage is building your name and creating credibility for your website.

7.Open your free web accounts in Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo!Answers, WikiAnswers, AllExperts and all other community websites because it is true that huge number of your potential audience is already there

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